Dave Benson Phillips presented British children's TV gameshow 'Get Your Own Back' from 1991 to 2004 where children could enact revenge on their teachers or parents by subjecting them to a gunge tank. He is also remembered for 'Playdays', 'Playhouse Disney' and use of Makaton, teaching a sign system developed for the use of children and adults with learning difficulties.

Dave has continued to be a popular entertainer and does a live version of his most famous show, now aptly titled 'Get Your Own Back Live'. Sadly he has been the victim of sustained internet trolling which included a hoax that he had died.

On a different note, there has been coverage online about Dave causing a suspected terror scare, there have been observations of his mini-business empire  and much appreciation for his Twitter-feed proclaiming him as the King of Twitter.

But above all he is a very funny man who continues to entertain children and adults and is remembered warmly with affection by many people. Something that cannot be said for internet trolls.

What is a vlogger?

Video blogging or vlogging is what the cool kids do. A lot of young people new watch content on web video platforms rather than TV.  Vloggers can have an intimate interaction with an audience, talking directly to camera. And many are talented and entertaining. Our character Ryan Marten is not.

The Ryan Marten character previously appeared in a stageplay and had his own YouTube channel, pretending he was real.  He is also on Twitter - see Ryan complaining about a good review that failed to mention his hair.

Because of the interest in Dave's social media presence, it made sense to focus the webseries in this world of social media. Here is Ryan and Dave meeting at Get Your Own Back Live.

what is this show?

This is a spoof documentary webseries, specifically designed to go on the internet as short form content. It is a number of episodes of five minute parts. Dave Benson Phillips plays himself where he manages an idiot vlogger called Ryan #Ryano Marten, with Ryan's best friend in tow, the gormless Darren performing work experience duties. The series profiles their obsessive fans: LouLou who worships Ryan, Brian who worships Dave and Splish who worships gunge.  We also meet Dave's biggest rival Pat Sharp from another gunge gameshow: Fun House.

We also meet Dave's Spanish wife who does not want to appear in the documentary and in the 'In Production' shorts, meet the fictional documentary maker Mary Barry who wants to win an award for making the best documentary about Dave Benson Phillips ever made. Hers is the fourth...

The series was showcased at MCM ComicCon, the PilotLight TV Festival, Bilbao Serliesland and won an award at the Minnesota WebFest.


The webseries is written, edited and produced by Andrew River. It is directed by James Podmore and Andrew River. Check out the credits page to see the extenstive list of production crew and cast who worked with us on this project.

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