Block one shooting

A good four months after the pilot, we gathered for a marathon four day shoot on the webseries. Again, this was fraught with difficulties and losing people ahead of the filming.
Crew changes and the loss of a key guest actor lead to some last minute changes but I think out of the ashes came some really positive developments. None of us had worked with Jill McAusland who plays LouLou before and she was a revelation. The other decision that paid off was Ana Torre as Mrs Benson Phillips – a very small role – but she helped us on crew and we got a couple of lovely bonus moments including a song (you may have to wait for Valentine's Day 2018 for that!).
The big excitement for us as comedy fans was of course Ewen MacIntosh who plays a character called Splish. Ewen is most famous for playing Keith in The Office, probably the superlative comedy of the last few decades. He was very friendly, down to earth and very patient. A thoroughly nice chap to have on set to boot. We had torrential rain all day which made exterior shooting nigh on impossible and lost our cameraman. We ploughed on and dragged my then-housemate in for a few hours.

We were so impressed with ourselves that we got everything done so quickly. Said goodbye to Ewen and went back to it, patting ourselves on our backs for not overrunning. And then we realised we missed a shot. Of Ewen’s character arriving. So when that episode comes out, short of some CGI magic, Splish will suddenly be in the room…
Other than one broken glass of a wine glass chandelier (which disagreed with the boom mic on a professional level), the only other significant disaster was when I ordered Chinese for the hungry crew. Popped it in the oven to keep warm. Popped in, still in plastic bags that is. In my defence, I had only had four hours sleep a night for the past four nights.
The following day I burnt the chips. In future, if we had a budget for such things, I might delegate the catering.

Andrew RiverComment