Beginning the webseries

In 2015, we took my play about social media to the Edinburgh Festival and for a bit of different marketing responded to a tweet looking for people to do ‘Get Your Own Back Live’ – the live version of the TV show presented by Dave Benson Phillips.

We decided two of the cast would do it in character, Jay Podmore as obnoxious vlogger Ryan Marten and Leanne Martin as his frustrated manager. They had a great time, buoyed on by my family and a home crowd of Merseyside supporters in the audience and won the show! Dave's son picked Jay to win as he was impressed with his range of voices.

We all had a chat with Dave afterwards who was remarkably friendly to everybody and good humoured so we kept in touch. You see, as my family were keen to remind Dave, we had met before. At Chessington World of Adventures. When I was six.

I started thinking about doing a webseries project with Dave playing himself and thought a big persuading factor for him to do it would be to have Jay revisit the Ryan Marten character and build on the relationship in the silly little video we made on my phone. The reasoning to include this vlogger character in the webseries was that it tied in with the media coverage of Dave on social media, celebrating his use of Twitter to source things from inflatable bananas to Slush Puppies. I also appear in a minor capacity as Dave’s completely gormless and vacant work experience assistant.


Andrew RiverComment