What the webseries is about

This is a British comedy spoof documentary about characters trying to improve their status. Dave Benson Phillips plays a version of himself as a man who dabbles in a number of projects. The character Ryan Marten is trying to claw back his lost internet fame. Work experience boy Darren wants to become a full time employee. They are trapped together by contractual arrangement and because they need each other to try and get anywhere.

Dave manages a vlogger, Ryan, who soon plummets in popularity after misspeaking online. The series is really about their dynamic with work experience boy Darren in the background trying to impress them both.

I have based in on a lot of the media coverage of Dave over the years which has often been of a tone but from Dave’s live show we participated in during the Edinburgh Festival in 2015, he jokes about lot of it on stage and so I felt confident writing to that. He is someone with a great sense of humour and so we play up gently on the media coverage of him – for example in response to lists about what he does, we have an ongoing gag of various companies he has.

I didn’t want it to be cynical – which is the sort of thing that’s been done before and done well. He isn’t playing his true self – it’s not his real house, it’s not his real job and he’s most definitely a character. Sadly Dave has been targeted by internet trolls (with people saying he had died as well as racist abuse). I hope we can focus in more in a positive light on the sillier side of his internet coverage.

Andrew RiverComment