Making the pilot

In 2016, after meeting Dave the previous year doing his Get Your Own Back Live show, we shot a pilot for my spoof documentary about TV presenter, Dave Benson Phillips. A simple storyline of Dave meeting Ryan Marten played by Jay Podmore.

This was a task getting everyone together. We had a two day shoot planned but lost some people a few days before, found wonderful replacements but a two day shoot became a one day shoot. Fifteen pages in one day. With the crew travelling down to Surrey from Liverpool, via Wrexham. And back again. One day. Fifteen pages…

We were very generously allowed the use of a beautiful house in Surrey which became Dave’s new webseries home. I travelled down the night before and set up for our shoot starting at 9am.

8:15am. Ding dong. Who could that be? I thought, about to step into the shower. But no, the refreshing Surrey water would have to wait. I went to the door to greet Dave Benson Phillips in only a dressing gown. Me, not him. It wasn’t the start to the day I had planned but DBP was 45 minutes early! A true professional. Him, not me. A shower and a shave later, we got down to planning out the day.

We filmed at almost impossible speed but had an extraordinary amount of fun despite the time pressure. Pawan Mather and Roxanne Male joined us as crew and despite the time pressure we were under, we got everything filmed, minus a few extra shots. Our Little Britain style opening tracking shot of the house was not to be thanks to the uneven ground and declining light.

Andrew RiverComment