Structuring the webseries

I wanted to do six episodes of varying length of the webseries and it was after attending a couple of events and courses with Digital Creators in London that it became clear this was a not recommended for a webseries format.

You see, looking at the footage of the pilot, I realised we could easily edit a 20 minute episode and the overwhelming advice I was getting was to keep ‘episodes’ to up to five minutes.

Our plan was to edit and the release the pilot and then crowdfund the series. The choice, as I saw it was to produce a tight five minute version of the pilot or rethink the whole project and make each episode muti-part serials of five minutes each.

We opted for the latter and I reconfigured the pilot into a multi-part version. This meant losing some bits which went on too long for pace and also filming some new bits. As this is a spoof documentary, I thought the two changes to bring in were talking heads and a narrator. 

Hopefully, it will be the better for it when all finished and put together.

Andrew RiverComment