The first trailer and Biddy Baxter

Jay Podmore edited the trailer and tried to Facetime me 200 miles away to see my reaction. But the wifi went down. And then the 3G took ages to load and then I had to go to the Tower of London.

As I stood in the Tower of London at a university commemoration event with a lot of important people with white, grey or no hair, all I could concentrate on was trying to download the trailer for our silly little webseries on my phone. Try and try again, it failed to load. Don’t go to the Tower of London for the 3G.

But all was not lost, I thought. No, this was no evening wasted. Because we were making a spoof documentary about a children’s TV presenter and lo and behold at this event was the queen of children’s TV, Biddy Baxter who edited Blue Peter 1965-1988. After a couple of glasses of something sparkling that I think was prosecco, I went up to her. You see, in one of the later episodes of the webseries, I had written a Biddy Baxter reference where Dave did work experience for her. Fate had brought us together in a place of history, prosecco and dodgy phone signal.

I went up to Biddy Baxter with my friend whose mum had worked with her in years past. But then disaster! She remembered my friend’s mum. But not Dave Benson Phillips! Not DBP. So a little cameo was not really on the cards. She was very friendly and encouraging however, and very patient to speak to a silly idiot like myself.

But enough of this frivolity. I had a trailer to watch. I told my friends we had to leave this shindig of Blue Peter dignitaries and get to a place of wifi provision. We naturally retreated to the nearby Wertherpoons where I made each of my friends watch the trailer in turn with earphones in to gauge their reactions. It was at that point they each wondered why they were friends with me.

We released the first trailer on 1st April 2016. After 12pm but I think we all later thought this was a bit of a mistake as some people thought it wasn’t a spoof documentary but the whole project was a spoof. We did however get some mentions on Unilad, the Metro and the Bad Wilf podcast which was very nice of them.

There’s still no word on whether Biddy Baxter has seen it.

Andrew RiverComment