Launching the trailer

With the original trailer ready, it was time to promote our funding campaign. If you're reading this, don't worry the campaign has finished and we're not asking for money now. It was rather overwhelming how generous people were.

To ‘officially’ launch the crowdfunding I went to Manchester to do an interview for network regional TV in a couple of places. Earlier in the day I was on the train up from London to Liverpool when I got a message from Dave asking if we could hold the trailer back so he could clear a joke about Pat Sharp. Perfectly understandable, as this is not a series that takes the mickey out of anyone but ourselves. But I was a little panicked as without the trailer it was just me talking on the telly which no-one would want to see. Dave was absolutely fine, as he always is, as I reassured him that I would make it clear that Pat is a friend of his in real life and the animosity is entirely pretend.

Then problem number two: the studio couldn’t download the trailer from the original page. I was on the train with only a 3G connection – and if you’ve ever tried Virgin Trains wifi – you’ll appreciate uploading a multi-megabyte file isn’t possible before your final destination. So I hotfooted it of the train to a place of superfast wifi provision and twenty minutes later headed out to Manchester.

Then I went on TV and said “yes” a lot. Or so it seemed when I watched it back. There were a couple of moments that I didn’t quite know how to respond to. But I made it through a live appearance without swearing, blasphemy or saying anything grossly offensive. Which was something of an achievement in itself.

Andrew RiverComment