In Production

We wrapped filming in October 2016 with a three day shoot. Firstly we shot ‘In Production’ which is a spoof behind the scenes profile of the documentary maker, Mary Barry.

We had a gruelling but very efficient day in Liverpool fitting onto one day what had been planned for two days. These mini-episodes are an important part of the canon as we got to know the character of Mary visually who narrates the main series.

Gillian Hardie gamely took up the part and is a brilliant comic actor. I’d been lucky enough to cast Gillian and Jay Podmore together in a short dark comedy play a couple of years ago so it was nice to reunite everyone. Through scheduling changes we had lost three other actors for this pivotal part. Gillian had not previously been available to be in the series as she was in the West End in Kinky Boots but we were lucky enough to find a short window where we could all be in the North West at the same time. 

We also had Roxanne Male back who is glimpsed a few times on camera in the main series. And because in real life her godfather was one of the actors to portray Bungle from Rainbow we filmed a special mini episode I wrote about that. Which is very odd indeed.

I think In Production will add to the world we are creating and may be a way in for someone who might not be familiar with Dave.

Watch the first five here.

Andrew River