Pat Sharp off Fun House

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After the Liverpool shoot we returned to Caterham for the last two days of filming the webseries.

We were joined both days by the talented Gemma Nichols as troubled Dee – Ryan’s former manager and girlfriend. We saw some great auditions from brilliant actors but overall felt Gemma would have a chemistry with her on screen child. He was played by my cousin, the wonderful Archie. People say never work with children or animals. Archie was quite the exception. The only thing he wouldn’t do was wear anything on his head. On the second day he started walking which was rather amazing to see.  

The final episode embraces the ridiculousness of the world we have created but also has a few moments where there’s some more emotional bits. Not too much but it was nice to do and gave the episode an air of finality in case it is the last one. (To be determined!).

Adam N Smith Photography

Adam N Smith Photography

We had a 2:30pm deadline with various cast and crew going as near as North London to as far as Hull. Jay and I missed our wrap claps for our characters which showed how busy we were.

Jay did some live streaming on Facebook of the bits with Pat and for those who saw it, they caught me telling him not to film stream the recording final scenes of the series! Whilst we are not making something as top secret as Star Wars I didn’t want the Dave and Pat scenes being seen what’s turned out to be a year before release.

We squeezed in a photoshoot with photographer Adam N Smith. Literally a five minute shoot as we we so under time pressure! I do like the Darren/Ryan/Dave one as it sums the characters up in Episode One; Darren gormless, Ryan vain and Dave regretting his association with Ryan.

The last thing we shot was the last scene Dave and Pat are in together which was a fitting thing to finish on.

We also filmed the seasonal messages which have gone out at the time of writing although I held back the Valentine’s Day message featuring Dave and Mrs Benson Phillips because as of 14th February 2017 the only glimpse the audience had seen of Mrs BP was her stroking a fridge in a teaser. But you can see that one in 2018!

The final day was saved for a couple of missed bits but also our big guest star Pat Sharp from Fun House. He was very funny in the part. It isn’t easy necessarily playing yourself but he was a great foil to Dave. Dave and Pat are friends in real life and gig together and it was important to get Pat on board with the on-screen version of Dave being rude about him.

We learned that Pat is a massive Alan Partridge fan and we had him and Jay Podmore quoting line after line in sequence which was very funny. I’ve never been a quoter. I remember at school coming in on a Monday morning and people would quote lines from a Friday night comedy – but as some kind of amnesic comedy fan, like all sport, I could not join in…

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