Recording the voiceover

We had already filmed the in-vision parts of Mary Barry, the documentary maker who features in ‘In Production’ – the spoof making of complementary series but had run out of time to record the voiceover.

Overall it took us three sessions. I vastly underestimated the time it would take, although in all probably 10 minutes of dialogue over the course of the series. It was all recorded in Liverpool and I was unable to get up for the second session which was quite strange as it was the only part of this series I wasn’t there on the day to do anything from help direct to more importantly make the tea.

It was a hi-tech operation. A wall of cushions around the mic, Gillian Hardie leaning into it. Because we weren't in a studio, we had the problems of cars, planes and neighbours requiring several re-takes. Also the narrator's lines are deliberatley clunky and therefore hard to say eg things like "Arriving at the house of Dave Benson Phillips is social media star and protégé of Dave Benson Phillips, Ryan Marten who has blocked in the car of Dave Benson Phillips."

We concluded these sporadic sessions in December 2016 and I think the scheduling difficulties worked in the webseries’ favour to allow for further changes. We were on a deadline as actor Gillian Hardie was not available to us at all in 2017 as she is strutting her stuff in Mama Mia, touring all over the place.

It was a very enjoyable end to the series and the last lines recorded were for a very special and strange episode of In Production coming in 2018...

Andrew RiverComment