Block two shooting

I had aimed to complete all our filming by the end of September 2016 but unfortunately two shoots fell through in August and September. We did manage to proceed one day in September to make a start on the final episode. We couldn’t have Jay Podmore that day who is vital part of the filming team but had a fun and successful shoot.

We got to film with two new brilliant cast members, Marysia Trembecka and Stewart McCheyne. If you have seen the Christmas message, you’ll know Marysia is called Pat Sharp. That’s the barmy episode five. At this stage I won’t say much more about that part so not to give anything away. We were delighted to have her on board playing a character wonderfully baffled by Dave.

Stewart played the President of the Get Your Own Back Fan Club, a talking head part. This had been a difficult part to cast and I was prepared to hold it back if we didn’t get the right person but we had some last minute stand out self-tapes and Stewart really shone in his. Having been so impressed with Stewart, I’d love to have the opportunity to have a future storyline revolve around him with him interacting with Dave and Ryan if we were to make more episodes.

We spent the afternoon filming the remainder of episode three which included a scene which I think was two actors’ first sex scene… One of these actors was suffering from cold and probably needed to be in bed anyway. For the other actor, we suspect this might have been their favourite scene to shoot of the entire series…

Andrew River