Probably the question I’ve been asked most whilst doing this series (after What's Dave Benson Phillips realy like?) is when will it be out.

The genesis of Getting Back with Dave Benson Phillips happened two years ago this week when two of the cast of a stageplay I had written appeared on stage in character on Dave’s live show, Get Your Own Back Live. One of these characters was a shallow social media star, Ryan #Ryano Marten played by Jay Podmore. I then began writing this webseries later in 2015. We filmed it sporadically in 2016 around performer and crew schedules with voiceover recordings going up until New Year’s Eve.

We announced at Christmas that it would be out in 2017. I then had to edit it on a temperamental laptop as the original editor was unable to do it as intended. It was ready for screening in March but I wanted to take a bit more time and put it in festivals to test reaction from strangers.

It is in some more festivals but we have now put online the ‘In Production’ prequel strand – more on that next time. We plan to put the first ‘main’ episode up on 3rd September. As we just said it would be out in 2017, our deadline was 31st December. So in some ways the series is out early.

Andrew River