Getting Back without Neil Buchanan


I did write a further script for Getting Back centred around TV legend Neil Buchanan who presented children’s art show ‘Art Attack’. Unfortunately schedules could not align as he was out the country for most of 2016 when we did the filming. As we didn't get a definitive 'no' from his agent to ever doing it I hadn’t given up hope of trying to get me (or perhaps Dave) to talk him into doing it in 2018 as we were quite persuasive getting the cast we wanted for the other episodes. Due to me having to do all the post production alone on the webseries, trying to film anything new in 2017 was not something I could entertain.

However, now we do officially have to scrap that episode as the fact we don’t have a budget left at all means we cannot add a US shoot as he is Stateside for the forseeable future! But we wish Neil the very best in his musical and artistic works and it's great he's so busy. A generation of children were inspired to make art by his show and now he is able to continue doing other exciting projects.

It would have been an interesting pairing as both Dave and Neil were victims - amongst many others, it should be said - of the death hoax trend in about 2009 by trolls. Amongst normal non-trolly people, he has the same iconic status in the minds of millennials with Art Attack remembered fondly like Fun House and Get Your Own Back. I once embarassed myself when I stumbled upon an art shop in Preston and saw a notice that Neil Buchanan was there to do signings. Inside the shop, unable to see the great man I jokingly complained to my friend how he was letting his fans down and was "known for this sort of behaviour". My friend pointed downwards by my leg as Neil was kneeling down caringly talking about watercolours to a sweet old lady sat in the corner. What a boorish oaf I must have seemed. Oh dear.

It was going to be a very funny episode but we managed a series of five episodes plus an eight episode spin-off ‘In Production’ and a whole range of other extras which is really not bad going at all.


Andrew River