The longest part of the process of making the series was the editing. In the end I had to do it myself which was a learning experience to say the least. My rickety laptop couldn’t cope with too many effects but I was pleased with the gunshot teaser – although some people did seem to thing the series was a gritty crime drama based on that... The ClickMyFace Productions logo was done by Jay Podmore.

Before we had finished filming I cut together a rough edit of the pilot with me filling in playing the role of Brian, the Fan Club President on my phone before we found Stewart McCheyne. You can see a bit in the deleted scenes from Episode One. Then I did similar rough cuts to get feedback on.

I asked a few confidants to give opinions on the rough cuts which was very interesting. One thing I’ve learned is you cannot possibly adapt it to suit what everyone else thinks as opinions wildly differ. What I have changed is where I’ve ummed and arred about a moment and someone has also flagged it up.

Tonally I cut some of LouLou’s more extreme interjections which jarred with the rest of the show. Darren lost a lot of lines particularly in Episode 2 to help with pacing. Almost all of the improvisations were cut for pacing so 99% of what you see in the final edits is scripted. A few survived such as Darren’s “I don’t know where he’s going - it’s his house” in Episode 1 as Dave storms out and Ryan’s “You’ve had what you paid for” line to Splish made it into Episode 2.

I edited the series into 18 five minute episodes and the 5 complete episodes of varying lengths and it was really only about a week before releasing Episode 1 I decided to use the longer cuts. However, we may use the cut down versions in future.

Episode 1 and 2 ended up as 16 minutes each, Episode 3 10 minutes, Episode 4 20 minutes and Episode 5 30 minutes. You can see some of the deleted scenes on the YouTube channel. One of the most frustrating deleted scenes to look at in the edit was from Episode 3. We did take after take of a sequence where Darren takes Dave a cup of tea and Dave stirs it with an dirty spoon. The problem was at the end it was so obvious Dave wasn’t really drinking it (my fault, not Dave’s) the joke was entirely lost.  The good thing about putting it online is that there’s no set length and it could be what it needed to be. Episodes 1 and 2 could have been 20-22 minutes each but the faster tighter edits feel right for YouTube where you’re a click or swipe away from another video.

I have lost count of how many edits I’ve done of each episode. It’s a lot.

Andrew River