During 2017, the series screened at the PilotLight TV Festival in Manchester, Digital Creators Screening Room in London, the Minnesota WebFest (where it won an award!) and Bilbao Seriesland Festival. We did a mini series launch in London in August and Liverpool in September. And we showed Episode 1 and did a panel at Vidfest at MCM ComicCon in London.

That was quite an experience particularly as an unknown webseries (although we did have a few people come up to us who’d seen the first 2 episodes released at that point). Our first day was myself, Ewen MacIntosh (Splish) and Stewart McCheyne (Brian). Then the second and third day it was me and the Phillips family with Dave ably assisted by the real Mrs Phillips – Emma and son Benji. Plus Marysia Trembecka came on day two to tease her role… as Pat Sharp…

The phrase I kept hearing when people in their 20s/30s came up to Dave was “You were my childhood.” Which must be a lovely thing to hear. The affection people have for Dave is tremendous and was lovely for me to see it. Making this series, I’ve seen the nastier side of the internet with the trolls who target Dave with abuse (and occasionally me) and certain journalists who mock him in articles or on Twitter. From the point of view of the series, it was lovely to actually meet people we’d really made the series for. The people we spoke with were a lovely bunch and ComicCon does seem generally to have an air of positivity and inclusivity.

One of the hardest things in making a series is finding an audience and we don't have a marketing budget so it's helpful to introduce people to it as a word of mouth thing.

Finally one of the strangest and funniest moments was going to the pub afterwards with all these people in costume with various forms of fake weaponry from Negan barbed wire baseball bats to Han Solo blasters waived through by the bouncers but anyone with a bag meticulously screened in case they had brought their own drink.

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